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The Purpose of Promotional Items

Athens Printing Company is your one stop shop for all your promotional needs. Whether you need pens, koozies, t-shirts, stress balls, phone cases, water bottles, lanyards, or something else, Athens Printing is here to help.

People love free stuff. Everyone knows that. Promotional items allow you to take advantage of people’s willingness to grab what you’re handing them – put your logo on as many items as you can give away. Giving out items that a customer will use allows your brand to have greater recognition and stay at the top of your prospects minds.

Our Consultative Approach

Athens Printing Company doesn’t just print your products, but we can also help you design your products, and offer complimentary consultation throughout all our projects. We can consult you on the variety of paper types, font styles, and design trends, in order to provide you with the most polished and professional products. Whether you have lots of experience working with printers, or this is your first rodeo, Athens Printing can help you choose the best design and printing options to get the most value for your dollar.

What to Expect from Athens Printing

We work with wholesale suppliers to guarantee affordable, high quality products. Some of the most common and affordable promotional items are stadium cups, pens, koozies, t-shirts, stress balls, phone cases, water bottles, and lanyards.

We reply to inquiries within 4 hours. Depending on size and intricacy of a design project, we can typically submit a design within 24 to 72 hours. Turnaround is 3-5 business days excluding promo items (like pens, koozies, and mugs). Rush is available if needed.

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