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We’ve worked with healthcare organizations across the southeast to deliver world class and affordable print materials for the past 30 years. For example, we’ve worked with general practitioners, specialists, clinics, hospitals, development foundations, health entities, and more.

Our Services

Athens Printing Company offers a range of design, printing, and finishing services to healthcare organizations of all kinds. Furthermore, we provide quality materials to increase staff client interaction efficiency, branding, and establish clear messaging. Even if your organization isn’t printing something that is “unique”, Athens Printing Company gives you the ability to print top of the line pieces with high quality paper and finishes.

New Patient Presentation Folders
Service Brochures
Informational Packets
Patient Discharge Packets
Registration and Intake Forms

Custom Medical Folders
Stickers and Labels
Lobby and Campus Signage
Staff and Personnel Name Tags

Our Consultative Approach

Overall, Athens Printing Company doesn’t just print your products, but we can also help you design your products and offer complimentary consultation throughout all our projects. Specifically, we can consult you on the variety of materials, font styles, and design trends in order to provide you with the most polished and professional products. Whether you have lots of experience working with printers, or this is your first rodeo, Athens Printing can help you choose the best design and printing options to get the most value for your dollar.

What to Expect from Athens Printing

Initially, we reply to inquiries within 4 hours. Then, depending on size and intricacy of a design project, we can typically submit a design within 24 to 72 hours. After that, turnaround is 3-5 business days excluding promo items (like pens, koozies, and mugs). However, rush is available if needed.


For larger, more involved jobs, we use our 6 color Heidelberg Speedmaster or our 4 color Heidelberg press for printing. Smaller jobs are ran on either our full color Ricoh 7100sx digital press or our black and white Kodak 110 Micropress. Both of these machines have the ability to produce over 100 copies per minute. Finally, all finishing is handled in the back using our extensive list of bindery equipment. 

Why Choose Athens Printing Company

We understand your unique needs! Due to this, we can provide you with the correct documents to keep you compliant with HIPPA standards and consult you on the best options for your budget and needs. In other words, our experience makes us the perfect partner to help you bring your branding to the next level and standout among the competition.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Piedmont Athens Regional

“It’s always a pleasure doing business with Chan, Austin, and the entire team at Athens Printing. They always make an extra effort to meet our deadlines with a high quality product for a variety of our printing needs.”

Steven Dasher – Piedmont Athens Regional Foundation


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